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Compared with ordinary rectangular food packaging, more and more food brand manufacturers will choose paper tube food packaging. The market share of tube food packaging is less than 10% of the total food box packaging, so it can attract more attention. Although food tube packaging is scarce, tube food packaging design if not unique enough, and it will not have a significant effect on the sale.

It is believed that most food brands have a dedicated design department to design paper tube food packaging so that consumers can see the first reaction of packaging. This is a unique packaging that want to pick up the packaging to understand product. Studies have shown that 60%-80% of consumers browse the shelves of goods, because the packaging is unique and want to understand the product, and make purchase decisions. Now, I will introduce you to several elements that you should pay attention to in the design of food paper tube packaging.

As with all creative packaging, paper tube food packaging should allow consumers to intuitively understand the product and see that the package immediately knows what product it belongs to, which is the most basic. Simple food packaging design will directly focus on the product, or design a transparent window in the packaging. The shape of the window is similar to that of the product, which has a very good outstanding effect. Or the entire package, most of the “left blank”, the middle part of the food directly as a picture. Among them, the displayed corn package and cherry package have a good display effect.

cretive cardboard food tube packaging with food image


The product manufacturing environment or the original ecological environment of the food, as the design concept of paper tube packaging design, is conducive to creating the concept of pure natural food. The imitated 3D wood grain food tube package with a transparent window is like putting a nut in a tree hole. 90% of customers will like this type of package, use the food as a pure natural product, and will choose to buy it. Another bottle of beer packaging, the use of 3D wood grain paper barrels of beer packaging, similar to the beer placed in the barrel to create a pure ecological brewing beer atmosphere. When we are contemplating the concept of packaging creativity, the research on the original ecology of the product and its design elements will greatly attract consumers’ attention.

In the design of paper tube packaging, the type of tube lcover must be paid special attention. The choice of paper cover, wood cover, plastic cover or metal cover will have a great influence on the packaging grade. Among the types of paper tube covers, the most expensive are the wood lids and the metal lids, which are 50% more than the type of the paper lids, and are also longer than the paper lids and the plastic lids in the production cycle. With the development of technology, we will use paper lids or plastic lids more and use 3D imitation wood grain patterns to make wooden lids or metal lids. Sticking 3D wood grain paper on the surface of the plastic cover is the best in terms of hardness, lightness and simulation.

wholesale food tube packaging boxes with lids,cardboard tube food packaging boxes with Paper cover, plastic cover, metal cover or wood cover

The design of tube food packaging plays a key role in product sales and brand promotion. When designing packaging, there are many aspects that can be used as a reference factor, and it is an important consideration according to the target group. Tube-boxes.com has a variety of custom paper tube food packaging designs, and offers free packaging design solutions to improve your existing product packaging to promote sales.

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