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If you wish to customise giant cardboard tube boxes packaging for your product, fonmoo packaging is your best option. we have a tendency to square measure ready to give you with a large vary of drum box packaging applications, the scope of application may be food, skin care merchandise or toys. a lot of critically, we have a tendency to square measure a packaging manufacturer from China. we’ve been producing custom packaging for many years and might give you with prime quality products; and at constant quality, our costs square measure very cheap within the business. , we have a tendency to square measure half-hour under the wholesale value of the market, and also the a lot of you order, the a lot of you get the discount.

This white tea box is simply one among the numerous tube packaging we have a tendency to manufacture, victimization cardboard and double copper paper as raw materials. The define structure of the massive spherical cardboard boxes is that the same. Solely the pattern style may be accustomed and distinguishes between totally different uses. If the packaging style does not mix the characteristics of the merchandise, it will make customers unable to spot through the packaging; and if the packaging style isn’t inventive, it cannot stand out in lots of peer products. it will worth noting that once we customize the tube packaging, the diameter we have a tendency to confer with refers to the inner diameter of the tube box, that is principally determined by the merchandise and whether or not the inner packaging is employed.

For many customers who want customized cardboard tube boxes packaging, high-quality product packaging makes sales a lot of sure-fire. Our strict requirements for every detail make sure that the tube packaging is applied to essential oils, cosmetics, foods, or electronic products. The custom packaging at the factory is of prime quality.

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