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Custom creative food grade tube packaging for tea packaging, will enhance the sale of tea is very large. Although the materials used are ordinary cardboard or kraft paper, with copper paper as the printing paper, it shows a completely different idea through the customized packaging and can even be advertised as a product and an enterprise. Traditional forms of tea packaging design, has been difficult to meet the needs of the publicity under the new situation; or for a new company, the use of traditional food grade tube packaging design, it will be difficult to break the existing sales situation. The use of celebrity endorsements may make the cost too high, perhaps in conjunction with the new movie or well-known cartoon characters as the endorsement, but also be able to achieve better results.

This Chinese tea cylinder packaging, packaging design used in combination with the characteristics of the Chinese market, using the Chinese history of the Three Kingdoms figures through the cartoon form, which reaped a large number of customers. Montage method used, and then printed on the custom packaging product name and business name, making a new company can instantly be konwed of the vast number of consumers, understand and create a sales miracle in a short time. Custom round boxes packaging, printed on a specific product name and logo using gilt, will achieve good visual effects.

As a professional manufacturer of food grade tube packaging, we are ISO-certified and guarantee that every manufactured product is in good packaging and in accordance with manufacturing safety requirements.

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