Small cardboard tube packaging for spectra tone

Main features:
  • Referral EXW price: $0.35-$0.68/pcs according to customization
  • MOQ: 500 pcs
  • We are factory in Shenzhen, China, customization available for structure, color, printing, conception, etc.
  • Free samples and design service possible
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This is the package of spectrum tone we provide to customers, in the form of a small cardboard tube. The packaging adopts a very compact structure, just enough to accommodate the spectrum tone. The reference diameter of the paper tube is 35mm, and the height is 96mm, which will not take up a lot of space and will not cause high shipping costs. In order to allow customers to better understand the product, a total of 4 spectral tone patterns are printed on the top, top and body of the cylinder packaging, and all of them are printed with UV to make the product pattern part have a certain degree of gloss. Part of the text of the product description is printed with hot stamping, and the product and packaging display is more high-end. In addition, we can provide suitable paper tube packaging solutions according to your products, such as adjusting the diameter, height, printing process and printing content of the paper tube.

Custom Small cardboard tube packaging for spectrum tone, direct printing on paper tube packaging is one of the best ways to promote products Small cardboard tube packaging for spectrum tone, small-diameter tube packaging can be closely integrated with the product without causing waste of space. spectra tone paper tube packaging with bronzing printed Spectra tone cardboard tube packaging with UV printed, which can improve the attractiveness and charm of the packaging


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