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Sometimes you might be in need of such a creative long blue cardboard tube box, with custom options as your packaging solution for special products. The original idea of the design of such a beautiful tube packaging box is to contain and protect something long and fragile, such a bottle of essential oil. But you can also put several products aligned inside, such as a bunch of canisters of cosmetic cream. The pattern design of this box is mainly composed with a bunch of fragmentation of blue color in different saturation levels, it can reflect the color of the sea, and ensure a 3D effect when watched from a distance. Anyway, when showing the concept of “natural” people tend to use green, but taking a step back and think otherwise, our planet is mostly covered by the blue sea so blue is more like a color representing “nature”.

Our professional team is stand by for responding to your needs. As we always say, just contact us, tell us what you need, and let us take care of the rest. If such a model interests you, we can do any customization for you as to provide your very own creative long blue paper tube box even if the order is for a small number.

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