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Cardboard paper tube packaging now has a wider range of applications, not only for storing documents and as a mailing tube, but also as a product package. Different materials can be used to turn into different round boxes, such as kraft paper tubes, clear tube packaging, cardboard tube and imitation leather tube packaging. These types of tube packaging can already cover a variety of industries, including food, cosmetics, essential oils, gifts, shirts and more. Tube packaging can be used to protect and advertise products of any type.

The technology for producing paper tube packaging has been very mature. The processes of UV, emboss, hot stamping and so on are reflected on the surface of the cylinder packaging, enhancing the information of packaging products and attracting people to purchase products. In terms of the luxury of packaging, in addition to the use of hot stamping or hot silver printing, you can also use 128g of gold cardboard as a raw material and as Paste paper, making the packaging look very luxurious. The surface is all gold cardboard tube, But the main raw material is a single powder card from 300g to 450g, gold card paper is only attached to the surface of the paper tube to enhance the visual effect. To enhance branding so that you can stand out in a highly competitive market, we recommend that you print the brand name and logo on the round boxes surface. More types of cardboard paper tubes packaging, you can contact us by mail, we will produce the best product packaging for you.

Luxury paper tubes packaging boxes custom

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