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Pure color printed custom tube boxes packaging are relatively rare, but the light green solid color packaging can give consumers a fresh feeling, like fresh style women have a strong attraction. If you are looking for a new skin care package, and through the custom packaging to promote business improvement, a custom tube box is the best choice. With customized cylindrical box packaging, if you want a special package, you need to break the past with copper paper, kraft paper, cardboard, etc. as the idea of ​​tissue paper; you can choose special paper as the sticky paper, to level up product packaging design.

Light green solid color printing and packaging background, uses special paper as a raw material, the hand touch gives a detailed sense of lines, while a dotted line adds more lined touch feeling. Messy dotted lines, leaf-shaped, combined with the background, as well as hot silver roses, fully rendered a feeling close to the nature. Through the packaging design, tells features of the product that it comes from the nature and is safe. The sealing position of the cylinder packing opening, unlike most round boxes, uses 250 g of copper foil to seal the opening while a circular dotted line at the closure makes it easy to open the package. Packaging to set up an open program, and sometimes be able to stimulate consumer enthusiasm for the use of packaging, while increasing product value. Due to the same brand and product, there are different model sizes, so we can customize different sizes of skin care products to meet the demand according to the specific product size.

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