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Custom tube cosmetic packaging boxes enhance the brand influence, there are a lot of factors for the choice. Common choice is using special packaging materials (fence paper, laser paper, etc.), and brand logo and font printing using hot stamping and UV technology, which can enhance the quality of product packaging. Although is not very common that people use no-custom tube cosmetic packaging, but the publicity is very good, can attract more customer attention in the cosmetics display rack, increase the chance of buying.

Whether in the skin care products on the display rack, or in a large number of tube boxes package, this Korean skin care cylindrical packaging is very attractive, like a star of custom product packaging. Mask packaging is based on the structure of the cylinder, the material used is 400g cardboard and 60g laser paper, the use of reflective laser paper adds to the charm of the package. The “LUSHI FACE CREAM” font printed on the bottom and top of the package, in the red box background, is making contrast with all surrounding colors, highlighting the brand and the product. As the theme of this package is running horse, part of the cover on the other side, but there is nothing to worry about the printing of the horse and the overall match uncoordinated, just need to package the product, the overall alignment, and then use the transparent oval label stick to. Therefore, when the mask is sold, the packaging design is superior, and the customized product packaging can be used for more effective publicity.

We provide customized printed packaging are high quality, and in the inner box packaging design and improvement has a wealth of experience, helped a lot of product brands get a more perfect packaging.

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  1. Tangela Sammie

    Is the mask surface coated with laser paper? Can it be used for a wider variety of paper packages?

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