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Necklaces tube boxes packaging is a new type of jewelry packaging, there are two types of paper tube packaging and plastic tube packaging, or a mixture of these two materials to form. Custom product packaging is mainly to highlight the distinctive products and brands in order to gain a greater share of the highly competitive market, jewelry packaging is no exception. Because most of the jewelry with high-grade, the pursuit of a simple style, so the tube jewelry boxes should also be designed in the pursuit of simple style, packaging design focused on the brand, the use of brand value to make the added value of the product, to promote The purpose of sales.

Necklaces tube boxes packaging options, it is recommended as a solid color as the packaging background, it can be red, pink, light blue, green, etc., and then printed on the brand logo the front of boxes, as the main design concept. Black plastic packaging box as the main body, the internal use of natural velvet as a decoration, the outside is the use of 250g cardboard and 90g copper as a cylindrical packaging adhesive paper. The purpose of this design, making the hardness and aesthetics have a good combination, to become the ideal jewelry tube box package.

As a professional manufacturer of jewelery box packaging, we can offer you the variety of necklaces tube boxes packaging, which can provide you with a variety of packaging solutions according to actual needs, so as to help you gain a more favorable market competitive advantage .

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