Packaging keyword:Custom cardboard tube packaging for food,bronzing printing
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The requirements for food-grade packaging are very strict, because the packaging will be in direct contact with the food and the safety requirements are very high. In addition to the use of foil on the inside of the package, the best way is to add food-grade plastic bags to package food. Packaging design styles will be particularly important when the requirements for safe packaging are met. The use of cardboard tube packaging will help shape unique packaging and stand out from the crowd of product packaging. The printed content of the paper tube surface is more about telling stories about products and products, grasping the needs of consumers, and urging consumers to buy.

The simple and elegant packaging design is more in line with the aesthetics of the times. Using blue as the background color, tell consumers that this is a natural product from the deep sea. The product pattern is stamped with hot stamping, which adds about 10% to the cost, but makes packaging, products and brands even more luxurious. The cover can be selected from paper cover, plastic cover, wooden cover, metal cover, etc. We recommend that you use a metal cover. All cardboard tube packaging is in the form of custom packaging that determines the diameter, height and packaging style of food grade tube packaging based on the food. For more custom packaging, please contact us immediately.

Custom cardboard tube packaging for food,bronzing printing

Luxury cardboard tube packaging with lids wholesale.the product packaging boxes with bronzing printing Luxury cardboard tube packaging with logo wholesale.Hot stamping adds to the luxury of the brand Luxury food grade cardboard tube packaging with lids for food.Food grade paper tube packaging with metal iron cover



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