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Many wine brands refuse to use cardboard tube boxes. this is something I cannot understand. Although several red wines use composition board or square boxes of cardboard, I feel that this can be a lot of high-end; however i feel that wine cylinder packaging is additionally a decent type of packaging, and within the packaging style may be a larger breakthrough than the square box. If you do not have a decent plan regarding the wine tube box package, you’ll be able to use the samples we tend to show you as a reference for custom wine packaging.

These red wine round boxes can be used as classics, particularly in the tube packaging style. The packaging material is standard and consists of 300g cardboard and 80g copper paper as raw materials. The cylinder cowl could be a pvc plastic cover with none special options. However at the primary sight of packaging, we will love it, and therefore the whole reveals the classical atmosphere. The high-end wood bottle is used as a style component. The wood bottle features a circular iron ring on the bottom and top, that makes the classic atmosphere very robust. Alternative written styles are the highlights of the brand “OAK BOTTLE” and logos. The emphasis is on packaging. Since there’s no internal product specification, it is still necessary to own an easy description of the merchandise and therefore the characteristics of wine on the packaging surface. This can be the start of client awareness of the wine.

Since we are a manufacturer of customized cardboard tube boxes, we will provide you with a lot of types of packaging for foods, primarily based on the scale of the merchandise to determine the size of the package, product characteristics as a thought of packaging style factors.

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