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Using special paper as a tube box packaging paper can better enhance promotional features of a small round cardboard boxes packaging. Essential oil packaging are well-designed, it is very important to carefully select the appropriate specialty paper, and it is even more important to carefully choose the packaging design, or as part of the design extension. When customizing cylindrical packaging, we are able to offer you specialty paper with grainy, leather, gold, and more. Choose the right raw material, then the overall effect of the package will be very good.

This 30 ml small health essential oil packaging box is successful. It is carefully considered in terms of design and material selection, and the sales performance has tripled within a year after the new packaging was introduced. Although the main raw material is still 300g cardboard, the red fine grain special paper has a very big impact on the visual feeling. Every consumer who sees this package cannot help but pay attention to it and has achieved the first step in marketing success. The logo, branding, and product description is made with gilded processes that add up to less than 10% of the total cost of the packaging but received significant promotional results. Because people are sensitive to gold, and the overall is more like gold-plated on the packaging, which enhances product quality. In terms of the treatment at the edge of the tube packaging boxes, there is no trace of creases, each location is smooth, people can see the strict pursuit of high-quality product packaging fabrication.

As a professional custom packaging manufacturer, we have hundreds of samples of packaging raw materials, including ordinary kraft paper, cardboard, copper, etc., also including a special paper such as grainy paper, leather paper, laser paper. At the same time we provide you with a lot of tube box packaging styles, whether it is used for cosmetics, essential oils, food, etc., as a reference. Of course, if you have a ready-made packaging file, that’s the best, we will get you a sample within 2 hours of receiving your AI file.

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