Packaging keyword:Eco-friendly cardboard paper tube packaging box for tea
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It is a wise choice to consider packing your tea with this eco-friendly cardboard paper tube packaging box. Made of 300g cardboard paper that is friendly to the environment and 60g chrome paper as decorating exterior layer, this tube box with lid ensures a good containment of tea, and attracts customers by its hot silver stamping process, filming coverage and patterns printed by cutting edge 3D printing technology. For packing tea, two things should be taken into consideration, one is preventing the moisture which degrades the quality, the other is the “green touch” which keeps the tea always nature and far from chemical bodies. This cardboard cylindrical box, using eco-friendly material and sealed-up structure, can present a good performance in both the three.

Now, if you are interested in taking this package, but of course, with some customization to fit your special needs, just contact us and tell us what you want. The proofing service is quick and efficient, and we will ensure you the best price-quality ratio with very flexible options.

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