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If you want to customize a new box for your food, choosing the new tube food packaging boxes is the right choice. For many cardboard cylinder packaging, you can choose a universal product packaging, but also through the form of stickers, you can turn the packaging into a specific product packaging, to give a special product packaging publicity. Or wrap the round boxes without any motifs and shapes, use heart-shaped stickers, and stick lovely bears in the cylinder tops to become Chocolate gift boxes.

This small round boxes package uses 300g cardboard as the main raw material, very ordinary, but with special paper for the tissues. Although the size of cardboard tube boxes are exactly the same, and the main materials used are the same, but with the different facets, they get into a different styles. The red, green and blue fine paper used as the surface paper can be switched to other products such as litchi paper and grainy paper, and the effect is better than ordinary materials. Heart-shaped printing paper is not pasted in the tube cover before, tube packaging is only common; use different stickers into a different style of gift box packaging, such as into a candy gift box for wedding, chocolate packaging…

As a professional manufacturer of tube boxes, we offer you a wide range of top quality tube food boxes with a wholesale price of 30% lower than standard wholesale prices. Our minimum order quantity is 500, with each additional 1000 custom units, you get even more discounts and get free samples of your product packaging.

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