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Here we present you a thin and long custom tube packaging boxes for earplug, which is modern and practical. Made by 300g SBS as material of main structure, with 80g double chrome paper and ribbon band as decoration on the surface, this packaging box is protective and beautiful, can certainly attract customers’ attention at first glance. The color of package is in correspondence with that of the earplug, making it very fashionable. The product is printed by full color printing on the package as to let customers understand the characteristics of it easily without opening the package, this is important for the convenience of customer’s experience. In addition to that, the ribbon tie let customers easily open the package by just pulling it, which is also a pleasant design.

Professional manufacturer of tube packaging boxes as we are, what we offer are all fully customizable, this tube box is of no exception. Just contact us and tell us your demands, and let us do the rest of work and offer the ideal custom earplug round tube packaging boxes.

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