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80% of toy gift boxes packaging uses square packaging structure design, but data shows that the cylindrical packaging is easier for customers to remember and tends to achieve the best publicity. Most round paper gift boxes are with lids, but the design of the top cover of the cardboard boxes tube boxes is different: it can have a transparent window, or on the edge use plastic edge treatment, or just use wooden cover, etc., according to the actual situation.

This children’s toy packaging, using a small cardboard cartridge packaging design, the surface design is mainly showing a cute image. The same series of packaging is divided into three sections, namely “angry bird”, “hello kitty”, “white swan” and others among the three themes, each theme packaging is optimized as much as possible to attract children’s favor. Custom packaging material selection is cardboard of 300g as the main material for the cylinder structure; the paper is copper paper of 80g, using four-color printing process. The transparent roof window, allowing consumers to see the product window, narrows the distance between consumers and products. It is worth emphasizing that the transparent window uses 0.2mm pvc as raw material, the cost increase for the product packaging is basically negligible, but the packaging effect is very good.

You do not have to worry about the size and style of your display package when customizing your tube packaging, as these factors are all directly determined by your needs in the production of the packaging, and we will produce perfect packaging that are the most suitable for your needs. If you can contact us by attaching the package file and the phone number directly, we will be able to round paper gift boxes sample within 2 hours and communicate with you to discuss about the specific details.

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