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According to the material, paper tube gift boxes can be divided into cardboard boxes, kraft boxes, corrugated paper boxes and special cartons. Corrugated paper gift box style is rare, especially for the type of cylinder packaging. However, any gift box need only be carefully designed, even with corrugated paper as the main raw material, it can also get amazing results, and even achieved more than the average publicity.

The corrugated paper gift packaging, which uses a double-layer E corrugated paper rolled into a cylinder, is then surrounded by a single sheet of paper as a sticker around the surface, leaving only 1 cm of corrugated paper without wrapping. However, this does not mean that the corrugated paper can be seen when the lid is closed, because the cover part just covers the exposed corrugated cardboard part. Only by opening the package can the main material of corrugated paper be observed. Part of the cylinder cover uses relatively thin 250g gold cardboard as a tissue, adding more luxury atmosphere. The top of the tube package lid, along with the main part of the side, is connected by a white diamond lattice with a high level of detail. See the main “Angel Wings” shape, it uses stickers in the form of gold paper shaped like a loving heart, the font part of all the use of bronzing process. As a gift box to convey the information of “love”, you can put chocolate, candy or other gifts inside, the use of high-end packaging and gifts to express feelings.

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