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Commercial tube gift boxes packaging is not limited to the commercialized product packaging, but can sometimes be used as a gift wrap to make it easier to establish an interactive relationship with customers. If you are looking for a unique gift box package that makes your gift more meaningful and achievable, you can work with us, we will provide you with hundreds of customized product packages, including the cardboard tube gift boxes .

This is a real estate promotional gift box packaging, can be used for festive occasions or events, as guest gift for the presence of guests. The basic requirement of the gift box packaging is to maximize the effect of brand promotion, making consumers remember the brand, it must be customized like this unique tube gift packaging. The entire package is based on cardboard of 300g as raw materials, with dark green special paper as surface paper, printing is taken by bronzing process, which is an increase of the entire packaging grade. Printed design is based on leaves, sun, fish and other shape curves connected together, highlighting the concept of green living housing. And from the experience of opening the package, the cardboard tube box package can create a better customer experience, more in line with the value of gift marketing.

In the style of custom commercial cylinder gift boxes, what you see is just one of our presentations. Due to the different needs and gifts of each company, the style of custom packaging is also different, but we can guarantee that each customized gift wrap is of high quality and can be delivered within the agreed time.

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