Packaging keyword:Custom purple cardboard tube boxes packaging for Pants
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Do you want to get more sales of your products and make the brand more famous? You need to customize a unique product packaging, tube boxes packaging is a good choice. Cylindrical box packaging probably only occupies a 10% share of custom packaging, but because of its scarcity, it gets more attention. Cardboard tube packaging uses a Full color printing process and uses a specific background according to the actual situation of the product. The obtained effect is the best. Whether your product belongs to the essential oils, cosmetics, food, or other industries, don’t worry about the size of the custom packaging because of  all packages we provide for you are customized according to the actual situation.

Custom Pants packaging boxes broke the concept of past trouser product packaging, using the form of cardboard cylinder box, and hot silver printing process, which greatly improved the packaging grade and value. The surface of the packaging of cardboard round boxes, “Leather pants show thin” slogans using hot silver technology, to achieve the outstanding characteristics of product features. Large-scale card carton packaging with logo, packaging design is reasonable, has the same unique charm. And I believe that most girls will not be disgusted with the purple, but will be treated as a lucky color, so the purple packaging background is suitable for leather pants packaging. The surface looks bright, using light glue processing technology, adding to the overall brightness

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Custom purple fashion tube boxes packaging for Pants fashion and purple tube packaging boxes Custom cardboard tube boxes for Pants packaging Custom purple cardboard tube packaging for Pants boxes


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