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Black cardboard tubes are often used as mailing or file tubes for transporting and storing documents. However, when the paper tube is printed with logos and other patterns, it can be used as a packaging for various products, such as cosmetic tube packaging, food tube packaging, essential oil packaging, and gift boxes. We print different patterns on the round boxes to distinguish the different products. The new brander will enrich the packaging design as much as possible, and use the product as a packaging design element, so that consumers can see what the product belongs to at first glance. But for famous brands, it is based on simple packaging design style. We will find that such as Apple mobile phone, Chanel perfume, Saturday Fu jewelry, etc., based on solid color packaging background, hot stamping logo or brand name.

In order to increase the convenience of opening the paper tube, a scarf pull ring is provided in the middle of the top cover, so that the package can be easily opened and the product can be taken out for use. Because the cylinder package is in the form of a coiled tubing, any diameter, height and thickness can be customized. As a professional manufacturer of paper tube packaging, not only provide black cardboard tubes packaging, but also other types of paper tube packaging can meet your requirements.

Black cardboard tubes packaging with logo,bronzing printing

large black paper tube packaging with bronzing logo.Hot stamping, can be used for shirt packaging or gift boxes custom large black cardboard round tube packaging boxes.Custom boxes with bronzing logo,Suitable for shirt packaging or jewelry packaging large black cardboard tube packaging boxes wholesale.Hot stamping logo will help improve the grade of the package large black paper tube packaging with bronzing bronzing logo.Custom large black cardboard round tube packaging with paper lids wholesale

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