Packaging keyword:Black large round cardboard boxes with lids wholesale
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We offer a variety of cardboard boxes with lids wholesale, including square gift box packaging and round boxes of different sizes. Regardless of the structural shape of the cardboard packaging, we need to pay attention to these issues. Incorporate a custom packaging plan into the overall plan of the product, and the custom packaging is completed at least 2-3 weeks before the time to market. The packaging design needs to fully consider the characteristics of the product. The logo and brand name are printed on the surface of the packaging to enhance the value of the product. If it is a valuable electronic product or a vulnerable product, it is necessary to consider EVA and clear blister packaging as the inner packaging of the product to play a better protection role. At the same time, more considerations need to be considered in order to take full advantage of the protective and promotional brand role of packaging.

Since the large round cardboard boxes with lids are not foldable, it is necessary to fully consider the transportation cost of the customized packaging. I believe that you need not only large-sized paper tube packaging, but also small-sized paper tube packaging; or other types of packaging. We can pack small-sized cylinder packages or small boxes into large cardboard round boxes, which will reduce the shipping cost. Large-size cylinder packages can be used as hat boxes, shoe boxes, wedding dresses packaging, flower gift boxes, and more. Different uses of cardboard boxes with lids, using different materials, such as 128g gsm art paper and 250g gsm cardboard. The logo and main information of the packaging surface can be stamped, UV printed or emboss printed. For more types of custom packaging, please feel free to contact us.

Black large round cardboard boxes with lids wholesale

large round cardboard boxes with logo wholesale.The logo on the front of the package is printed in bronzing printing or hot siliver . custom large cardboard round boxes with lids wholesale.We can provide you with different sizes and diameters of paper tube packaging. custom quality black large round cardboard boxes with lids.The logo on the surface of the packaging will promote the promotion of brand awareness custom black large cardboard round boxes with lids.Hand-held ribbons make it easier and more portable to carry large packages quality large round cardboard hat boxes with lids wholesale.Cheap custom packaging wholesale from Chinese manufacturers black large round tube boxes with lids wholesale.Customized high quality hat packaging can increase the value of the product



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