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The cardboard tube was originally used as a mailing tube or file tube for transporting products or storing documents. With the advancement of printing technology and manufacturing packaging technology, paper tube packaging has more uses and can be used as product packaging. Since the height and diameter of the round boxes are customizable, all products are perfectly embedded in the package. We will find that the large cardboard tube packaging is very interesting, can be used to install toiletries, hats, shoes and flowers. However, small cardboard round boxes are used more widely, and it is often found that essential oil packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, and gift packaging are all packaged in small cylinders.

Since the shape of the paper tube package is cylindrical, but the diameter and height are different, it does not reflect the different characteristics of different products. We need to spend more energy and time on custom packaging design. The content of the packaging surface mainly reflects the characteristics of the product, or reflects the value of the brand, in order to help the brand gain a strong competitive position. Don’t overlook the importance of custom packaging materials when designing your packaging. Different packaging materials have an important impact on packaging design and brand positioning. For example, perfume packaging, black kraft paper, pink rose gold cardboard, carbon black texture paper, etc., will have a great difference in the display effect of the packaging. The logo or brand name of the surface of the cylinder packaging, we recommend that you use hot stamping or emboss printing to improve the visual experience of the packaging. More types of custom cardboard tube packaging, we are able to provide you with different solutions, please feel free to contact us.

Custom cardboard tube packaging boxes with emboss printing logo

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