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For cardboard cylinder packaging for sale, we have designed more than 1000 models, and every day we improve our custom packaging design, to maximize the product packaging effects. For different models of the same brand, but in different series, we suggest that the custom packaging design should take the same product in consideration, but make minor adjustments according to the series, not only to highlight the brand’s publicity, but also reflect the little differences This is a very crucial point. Most of our customers will choose the main design while the situation is generally similar, but fine-tuning for the product, the results achieved particularly will be so good. As a professional manufacturer of tube boxes, we offer a wide range of custom packaging applications, as well as customized essential oil packaging boxes.

This is a pure plant oil package in a same series, but there are two different models, corresponding to a capacity of 50ml and 100ml respectively. According to the different types of essential oils, its product characteristics will have subtle differences, so 50ml packaging background color is darker, 100ml packaging design background color is lighter. And this custom cardboard tube boxes packaging design takes full advantage of the gradient color processing, which is better than a single color in terms of effect. As the plant flower as a product of extraction, the edge of the cover takes flowers as the main picture, meanwhile with the “natural plant essential oils” slogan, giving a focus for the packaging design.

Customizing cardboard cylinder packaging with logo, this is essential for the design of product packaging, because the value of the brand is infinite possibilities, but also when consumers make purchasing decisions it is an important reference factor. We can provide you with the best tube packaging according to the demand of your essential oil products or other products. Please feel free to contact us.

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