People said that one should never judge a book on its cover. But, when it comes to e-commerce and physical selling, do not underestimate the power of high-end packaging.

Custom packaging is now part of the customer experience and can dramatically improve consumer satisfaction. In the age of social networks where highly visual content predominates, high-end packaging may be the marketing tool you need to generate high sales volume.

So, you still have doubts about this?

One of interviewed manager has said:

“When a trader invests in high-end packaging solutions, such as quality custom bags, his investment contributes to future sales. Once the bag is distributed in stores to customers, it allows them, to continue to promote the brand over time. Potential customers seeing the bag in the streets, reused by existing customers for other purposes. It is certain that the reputation of the brand will be positively impacted in different ways. ”

And, being a big fan of shopping myself, I can confirm that the fact of receiving a high-end packaging where the attention to detail is felt really gives me the impression to open a gift – even if I already know what it contains and there are no additional elements of surprise.

From the perspective of the end consumer, unpacking a parcel, removing the tissue paper, removing the packaging labels, and reading a note left by a staff member allows for a successful unpacking experience at the end of the day – At all levels. This gives the customer the desire to share photos of their purchases on social networks like Instagram, and to place new orders with the same merchant. This is the reaction of most customers who receive their items in high-end packaging.

The e-commerce sites of cosmetic and dermatological products use sales packaging renowned for their quality. The high-end packaging includes, among other things, stickers and a small pink bubble paper bag; and some others include a very nice personal note written by hand.

To further explore this point, here are some statistics published by some organizations in the packaging industry:

  • More than 50% of online shoppers say they are willing to make additional purchases if the items they order from an e-commerce store are shipped in high-end or above-average packaging.
  • About 40% of consumers say they frequently share the product’s packaging if it is “interesting” or contains gifts.
  • More than 75% of consumers are used to recommending products that they like to their friends and followers on social networks.

Now we have explored the importance of high quality packaging for building a successful brand, but how exactly should one do? Conception of course, but in another way you can count on dedicated specialists like for cylindrical packaging boxes. Let’s go check the catalog with multiple samples and choose the ideal one, then ask us to work with you for further customization.

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