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A survey executed by Citeo in about 5 hypermarkets have exposed the high demand of consumers of more evolutions in packaging responding to new appealing needs:

  1. Recyclability appears as the first criterion of an environmentally friendly packaging, and this for 63% of respondents.


  1. The mention “100% recyclable” is a mention associated with respect for the environment for 97% of the interviewees.


  1. 90% of consumers are mainly interested in apparent packaging. They are only 8% considered outer and inner packaging.


  1. The issue of over-packaging is emerging among consumers: 65% of them say they prefer to choose products with less packaging. Thus, 70% of ultra-fresh ray buyers believe that the cardboard-free pack is more environmentally friendly. The same goes for 93% of make-up shop buyers who believe that naked products respect the environment better.


  1. Glass and paperboard are positively associated with respect for the environment.


  1. Consumers are perplexed about the recyclability of plastic and metal. Thus, 55% of consumers cite plastic when they consider that a packaging does not respect the environment.


  1. Green (73%) is the most popular color for environmentally friendly packaging, followed by transparency, brown – color that evokes “craft” more exactly – and white.


  1. The consumer has little or no control over environmental notions and claims: biodegradable, bio-based, vegetable, etc.


  1. To convince the consumer, packaging must be both practical and eco-designed. For example, 100% of compressed deodorant buyers cite as much respect for the environment as the practicality of the product to justify their choice. Two thirds appreciate that this deodorant contains as much as a deodorant of normal size.

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  1. Eco-design efforts are perceived by the consumer when they become a market standard. Thus detergents and deodorants that managed to compact. In addition, the actors communicated a lot about the advantages of buying compacted products. Much more than the people of Champagne who, nevertheless, reduced the weight of the bottle but without making it a sales argument: As a result, consumers do not know that all champagne bottles are lighter.

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