The development of e-commerce has led to strong growth in the packaging sector.

According to the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevds), the turnover of online sales has grown by about 15% in 2016. Growth that affects the business sector. Most importantly, packaging, and especially cardboard.

According to the survey, 80% of the products sold on the internet would be packaged in cardboard. Cardboard fulfills the main criteria favored by consumers: it is solid, recyclable and lightweight.

The boom in e-commerce and therefore cardboard, should not stop just there; a report from Kaitha Carl announces that the world market for packaging for out-of-home catering will increase by 6% between 2015 and 2020.

For corrugated cardboard manufacturers, the development of e-commerce brings new challenges. In 2016, internet sales accounted for 6% of corrugated board market share in the USA. Growth that forces manufacturers to rethink modes of production, distribution and consumption of transport cardboard.

Among the necessary transformations related to the development of e-commerce: the reinforcement of the resistance of the packaging or the “vacuum hunt” to optimize logistics and costs.

In general, e-commerce has a great influence on packaging design. According to, 41% of the brands have changed the shipping packaging of their products sold online and 30% have changed the primary packaging as for multiple purposes, especially the economy.

Among the innovations that have yet to prove themselves to the general public, connected packaging promises a bright future. The stakes are multiple, in terms of authentication, traceability or even communication tools.

For tube packaging boxes, which is often used for internal packaging that touches direct the product, cardboard is also an important material that is commonly used, at least for most of our packaging solutions. As an e-businessman, it is useful to consider how to combine all those elements and find the right choice for his/her e-business packaging solution. In all, cardboard is undebatable the trend of today’s business model.

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