Maybe the products you run are cosmetics, food, gifts or other products, and you need to customize the paper tube packaging to start a brand new product sales. How to choose when looking for paper tube packaging suppliers or choosing a new packaging supplier? It is worth noting that the choice of custom packaging suppliers will greatly affect packaging delivery time, packaging quality and cost. A quality packaging supplier will be a good partner and even contribute to brand building and product promotion to a certain extent. Because of the high quality and creative product packaging, it will be one of the best products and branding carriers and channels, with low cost, but the best results. We will tell you from the following aspects if you choose a custom packaging supplier:

1 Paper tube supplier is a packaging manufacturer with a complete production system

Choosing a packaging manufacturer as a partner, rather than a trade intermediary as a partner, will be of great quality. First, high intermediate costs can be avoided, and the resulting package price is the lowest factory price, which will save a lot of manufacturing costs. Secondly, the quality of the packaging can be guaranteed. Whether it is cosmetic tube packaging, food tube packaging or gift box packaging, the quality of the customized packaging can be strictly controlled to avoid the occurrence of low quality packaging affecting the sales of the product. Third, Because the brand or retailer communicates directly with the packaging manufacturer, the intermediate links are avoided, so that there is no obstacle to communication between the two parties, and the problems encountered are quickly responded.

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2 Rapid response design department and packaging sample manufacturing system

In the search for new packaging suppliers, in addition to the confirmation of packaging details and prices, the most critical aspect of inspection suppliers is the packaging sample manufacturing system with rapid response. Before the first package customization, the sample needs to be confirmed, including the size of the custom product package, the packaging material and the choice of printing process. The packaging sample confirmation is to avoid the color difference of the large-volume product packaging, the size is not met, and the packaging quality is inconsistent with the expectation. In addition, each packaging sample can be used as a basis for improvement of packaging design, constantly adjusting the packaging design style, making packaging one of the best promotional channels for products and brands. On the contrary, without a paper tube packaging proofing system, a lot of time will be wasted waiting for sample confirmation, which will greatly affect the efficiency and even affect the product launch plan.

3 Paper tube packaging manufacturers are aware of international cargo transportation

Economic globalization has enabled goods to circulate globally, as has custom packaging. And most product brands will choose third-party countries to purchase packaging, especially to China custom packaging (we are packaging manufacturers in Shenzhen, China). The procurement of products and packaging by third-party countries will involve international shipments, as well as customs declaration fees and transportation fees at the port of destination. Paper tube packaging suppliers not only need a complete production system, but also a professional international sales department to know the destination port cost and transportation cost of any country. Because these costs will determine the final cost of custom packaging, ultimately affecting product sales prices and profits.

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Choosing a paper tube packaging suppliers or a cosmetic tube packaging suppliers will have many influencing factors. However, the price of the packaging, the quality of the customized packaging, and the good service attitude will be important factors in selecting the packaging manufacturer as a partner. We have a fast response system, whether you need custom shirt tube packaging, food tube packaging, cosmetic tube packaging, or the custom packaging of more types and uses, we can provide you .We with a professional packaging design department. Provide professional advice for improving your product packaging.

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