When we shop at the supermarket, we will find that more than 90% of the products will be packaged, and we will judge whether it belongs to the products we need based on the information on the surface of the package. Customized packaging surface information, as a product and brand promotion, is very important for product sales. In order to protect the product from contamination, it is difficult  direct contact with the product and to understand the product. Therefore, more than 95% of consumers can only judge whether the product is trustworthy and purchase through the logo and brand name of the package. Other product information, such as the date of manufacture, the composition of the product, and the precautions, have become the basis for consumers to judge whether it is worth buying. However, the form of packaging is tens of thousands, how can we attract more consumers’ attention?

We often see plastic packaging, kraft paper packaging, cardboard boxes packaging, transparent packaging, copper paper packaging, etc. in supermarkets. But how much information can we receive? I believe that more than 80% of consumers are like me, and more than 80% of products will not be concerned. What causes this phenomenon? The packaging information we receive is very much, and we can only selectively understand what we are interested in. More than 90% of consumers will focus on transparent packaging or product packaging with transparent windows, because they can directly see the style of the product, shorten the distance between the consumer and the product. Or the packaging directly uses 3D printing to print the product on the surface of the package, and the product picture is used as a publicity, which is more popular with consumers. The future development trend of packaging design is more inclined to 3D printing products directly on the packaging surface.

3D printing packaging will be the future trend, and the products can be printed directly in carton packaging or plastic packaging. By printing cat food on the surface of the package, consumers can intuitively feel the appeal of the product. For juice packaging, the packaging surface is designed into different fruit colors and shapes, which has a strong visual impact on consumers. For the packaging of meat products, the transparent Windows design of the middle of the packaging design directly sees the product, and the other parts are designed into the form of animals, which is very attractive to consumers. In the same product, the product in 3D printing package has three times more sales than the ordinary packaging product. More importantly, consumers will share 3D printing creative packaging to social networks, allowing more people to see products and brands on Facebook, Google+ and other platforms, and promote more potential consumers to buy.

Will 3D printed packaging add more custom packaging costs? This is a very wrong understanding. 3D printed packaging is the same as ordinary four-color printing packaging, and the same size of packaging boxes. Four-color printing can print the package in any color and shape the pattern on the surface of the package into a 3D product. 3D packaging is more about creating a vivid product packaging image from the visual experience. We even think that the package itself is the product.

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