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1 Customized paper tube packaging use


Universal paper tube packaging has lost its competitiveness, and consumers cannot determine which brand of product they belong to through unprinted product packaging. Therefore, whether it is a product of any industry, it has abandoned the universal packaging without printing, and put more energy and capital budget on the custom packaging design and style, in order to enhance the influence of products and brands. Diversified packaging styles, more paper tube packaging for cosmetics, food, essential oils, electronics and more industries.

There are many styles and uses for paper tube packaging, but there are several basic principles in design. First, the packaging has product description, through the printed text or pattern on the surface to tell consumers the characteristics and attributes of the product; second, custom cylinder packaging, must reflect the product and brand, use different printing process to brand name or logo Printed on the surface of the round boxes; third, the packaging design needs to be combined with the characteristics of the product and is attractive enough.


2 tube packaging customization process


When new products enter the market, many brands or stores do not have a special understanding of custom paper tube packaging, especially the process of customized product packaging. Do you have such doubts? You don’t need to worry about it, whether you are a new entrant to the market or have a certain understanding of custom cylinder packaging. At, there are several main processes for custom packaging: sending inquiries telling us about your product and the specific number of custom packages; second, negotiating solutions to improve packaging, determining packaging design files; sample proofing for round boxes And determine; arrange the production of paper tube packaging to determine the delivery time.

The time period for custom packaging is relatively long. Find the corresponding packaging manufacturer online, and the final product delivery, the time period is 2 weeks – 3 months.


3 Customized paper tube packaging production process


Are you interested in the custom production process for paper tube packaging? 90% of people don’t know the production process of custom paper tube packaging, I will tell you about the relevant production knowledge. The production of paper tube boxes is mainly composed of the following steps:

(1) Confirm the packaging design documents, this is very important to ensure that the product packaging will not have the size and color deviation.

(2) According to the packaging design documents, typesetting paper printing, cutting the printed drawings into the area of ​​each paper tube

(3) Roll a single powder cardboard paper, kraft paper, etc. into any diameter and height that meets the requirements with a professional tube rolling machine.

(4) Sticking the tube, pasting the divided printing paper on the surface of the paper tube to form a printing paper tube

(5) Cut the tube. In the set dividing line, the paper tube is cut into two parts, one of which forms a paper tube cover

(6) Crimping cover. At the bottom and top cover positions, the machine presses the edge position to make it smooth and flat. It is worth noting that the crimping cover will be the hardest part, directly reflecting the manufacturer’s production level and the quality of the cylindrical packaging.


4 Customized tube packaging billing standards


Every purchaser or brand owner will strictly control the production cost of the product. Custom packaging as part of the product, its manufacturing costs will also be considered in the cost control. Do you have a good understanding of the cost of custom paper tube packaging? The cost of custom product packaging is mainly composed of two parts: one is the fixed cost, and the other is the floating cost of materials and printing.

The fixed cost of custom paper tube packaging mainly includes: the cost of the coiled tube, the cost of starting the printing paper (the printing machine needs to be tinted, so it has the cost of starting up), the cost of the special printing process (hot stamping process) and so on. Each additional printing process or process increases the corresponding mold cost. These fixed expenses will not increase or decrease due to No matter how many custom packaging.

The material of the paper tube and the printed ones are floating costs. The greater the number of custom packages, the higher the material and printing costs. However, the less the number of orders, the lower the average unit cost? The answer is definitely not. When the order quantity is 500, 1000, or 2000, the total price is similar, but the unit price will show a very large difference. Because the fixed cost is fixed, Less custom packaging, the more expensive the unit price is displayed. The cost of ordering 500 paper tube packages may be $300, the order for 1000 paper tube packages may be $400, and the order for 2000 product packages may be $500. When the number of orders exceeds 5,000 or more, theaverage fixed fee is small, and it is possible that the total price will increase as the number of orders is ordered.


A comprehensive understanding of the knowledge of printed tube packaging will greatly help the design and development of product packaging, and will also facilitate the overall product planning and promotion of brand plans. If you have any questions about custom paper tube packaging, you can ask your questions at and we will provide you with professional answers and the best cylinder packaging.

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