The rise of online retail shopping platforms led by ebay, Amazon and Taobao has had a huge impact on traditional sales methods and has a profound impact on the development of custom packaging. The traditional retail or chain business is huge, the famous brand has great control and influence on the channel, and the production of a batch is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Therefore, the number of custom packaging will be one-time customized. However, with the rise of online retail platforms, small brands and new brands have increased in the form of fission, and the sales volume of a product may start from thousands . These changes in form have a huge impact on custom packaging, mainly in the form of fragmentation of custom packaging, creative, simple packaging prevalence and packaging design to pursue sharing.

Creative electronic LED light packaging boxes design,Printed product packaging with a transparent window that allows consumers to intuitively understand the product

1.Customized product packaging small batch and fragmentation

Today’s Internet companies, especially emerging online sales companies, sell their products to the world with large platforms such as eBay or Amazon. The characteristics of these pure trading companies focus on R&D products and promotion of products. Product processing is the threshold for finding foundries and lower entering the market. For a new product is the promotion, the number of sales is often thousands or even hundreds of starts, resulting in custom product packaging are small quantities. There may be dozens of styles of the same product, and the corresponding custom packaging will have dozens of styles, which will be very fragmented. The rise of small brands will further subdivide the market, making custom product packaging smaller and more fragmented.


2. custom packaging creative

The rise of the Internet, the amount of information produced and the amount of information people receive are exploding, and ordinary information has hardly caught the attention of consumers. The increase in new brands and new products, as well as the upgrading of products, has led to an infinite number of new product packaging every day. Consumers don’t have enough time to accept and understand every brand and product. More is to see the surface of the product packaging. Because it is attracted, there is more willingness to understand the brand or even buy the product. In general, creative packaging design will attract more than 80% of consumers’ attention, meaning that brands and products will increase sales by 80% compared to similar products.

Second, the consumer’s personalized pursuit is obvious. For specific market segments, products and custom packaging do not reflect the consumer’s inner or individual needs, will making it difficult for consumers to make purchases. 3D printing paper tube packaging, cute gift packaging, original food packaging, etc.,they all reflect the difference in product from the subtleties of product packaging design.. Even the same product packaging can use different label papers to carry out some scenes or people’s inner appeals, and even leave blanks to invite consumers to supplement packaging design content, use product packaging and consumers to interact, Make the consumer more likely to become a loyal customer.

Personalized product paper tube packaging boxes design

3. Simple packaging is becoming more and more popular

In the form of the Internet economy, the information people receive is explosive and can only selectively read information that they like or useful. People have lost patience with the complicated promotion text and detailed product introduction. Consumers prefer a minimalist packaging design, whether it’s from the packaging structure or the packaging content. We will find that whether it is the product packaging of a big brand or the packaging of an emerging brand, it is basically the main style of packaging design according to the attractive product picture and the brand logo and name of the special printing process. If consumers choose products through product packaging, more than 80% will choose products with product images on the packaging surface. For some electronic products, the packaging instructions will not be tiled on the surface of the package, but printed in the form of a manual, embedded inside the custom package.


4.Getting consumers to share products and packaging has become the most critical factor

Social media has become the most important part of the Internet economy. People can trade products through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc., and at the same time promote products and brands. A social star shares a product and packaging, but without any logo or logo, others can’t understand the brand and purchase. Conversely, if the product and custom packaging are very attractive, each consumer is willing to send the creative packaging to their social network and consider it a happy and rewarding thing, then your branded product It has been successful. Consumers willing to share products and packaging will give your emerging brands the most visibility and sales in the shortest possible time. Keep in mind that in the age of the Internet, you only need to have enough creativity in your products and packaging, and everything will be possible.

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