Small cardboard tubes for essential oil packaging

Main features:
  • Referral FOB price: $0.55-$0.95/pcs according to customization
  • MOQ: 500 pcs
  • We are factory in Shenzhen, China, customization available for structure, color, printing, conception, etc.
  • Free samples and design service possible
  • Contact by mail:


We are so glad to present you this small cardboard tube packaging box for essential oil. It is often a question for essential oil package solution, a big one might be good but the quantity too big for such a valuable product, thus a small one like this, with a dose for 1 or 2 usages can be a good choice especially for scenes where essential oil is frequently used. Made of high density cardboard, you have nothing to worry about the protection it can give, also it is possible to reinforce the inner side with damping. The surface of the packaging box is applied with chrome paper to realize good printing like CMYK or laser printing, all depending on the actual needs. It is also possible to do customization in terms of design and structure, to make it adaptive to a great variety of goods.

small cardboard tubes for essential oil packaging. The EVA ring is fixed at the bottom of the paper tube, and EVA can be used to fix the essential oil bottle from moving inside the package. small paper tubes for essential oil packaging. There is a black EVA cylinder inside the customized essential oil package, which can fix the essential oil bottle. small cardboard tubes with lids wholesale. The customized paper tube packaging has artistic patterns, which enhances the attractiveness of the packaging. The small paper tube packaging promotes the characteristics of the product in a specific pattern and form. small cardboard tubes packaging boxes wholesale. According to the capacity of the product, choose different diameters and heights of the customized paper tube, the packaging and the product will be perfectly matched


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