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In the development of packaging, paper tube packaging appeared relatively late. The first paper tube, more used as a mail tube or a large file tube. Since paper or fragile products cannot be folded, the integrity of the map or product is compromised after folding, so it is often placed in a paper tube for good protection. With the advancement of printing technology and the maturity of manufacturing packaging technology, paper tubes have been given more functions and can be used in a variety of product packaging. Printed paper tube packaging can be used for a variety of product packaging, including food packaging, cosmetic packaging, essential oil packaging, sports equipment packaging, gift boxes and more.

Sports equipment packaging can be used in any product, including socks, sports shirts, sports earplugs, sports wristbands and more. We have found that more sports products are now packed in paper tubes. Since the characteristics and specific functions of each sport product are different, it is very important to use custom packaging. Customizing the product information on the surface of the paper tube packaging is the key to determining the type of product in the package. And consumers will choose the brand they trust when they buy the product, so printing LOGO on the round boxes packaging surface can effectively increase the product sales. The creative design of packaging, printing creative graphics and call-to-action texts in packaging, not only can attract more customers’ attention, but also enable consumers to share relevant information to social media and promote brand promotion. Whether it’s large round cardboard boxes or small tube packaging, we are able to provide you with any product packaging style you want.

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