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Here we present a wholesale deal of large cardboard candle tube packaging with custom options, which dedicates to pack candle products. The material used is massive enough: 350g and 450g grey cardboard together and 80g single black paper on the surface as decoration. With this density of cardboard, the box is very robust and suitable for the size and the weight of candle inside. To impress the customers, the printing is also an element that get well cared of, on this sample, we use CMYK (four color) printing and achieved an embossed effect on the surface, as to make it look high-end.

Professional manufacturer for tube packaging box for years as we are, this is just one of our sample offers. You must be in need of customization to better boost your business. No worries, just contact us, tell us your demands and we will work out the optimized result, with best price and flexible condition, you will get your demanded wholesale of custom tube packaging box for candle.

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Custom large cardboard candle paper tube packaging wholesale custom black printed candle cardboard round tube boxes packaging with candle image Custom large candle paper tube packaging boxes with candle image wholesale

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