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Cardboard tubes packaging is one of the most versatile product packaging and can be applied to any product. Depending on the size of the product, paper tubes of different diameters and heights can be customized to with an accuracy of 1 mm and the product can be perfectly embedded inside the paper tube. Previously, the main purpose of packaging was to protect the product; now, after meeting the basic functions of the protected product, it is more often labeled as a product and brand. The brand of the same or similar products is very much, only the custom packaging can use the surface logo and pattern to distinguish the brand, so that your company’s brand products sell more than other brands. The cost of custom paper tube packaging is less than 10% of the cost of the product, but it can help the product to obtain brand value, which is a very worthwhile investment.

Customized cardboard tubes packaging boxes are used in a wide variety of applications, such as cosmetics, essential oils, red wine and gifts. Each product package is different to highlight the difference between the product and the brand. We can even pack paper tubes for bottles, small oil bottles, perfume bottles, cosmetic glass bottles, etc. in round boxes. Creative packaging can help products and brands become more attractive. In addition to the choice of materials, creative packaging requires very little cost. Four-color printing can shape any pattern, present the package content to consumers in creative form, and get consumer attention at the lowest cost. The main content and patterns are reflected in the way of hot stamping, which is more conducive to the shaping of luxury packaging.

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creative design paper tube packaging for bottle.High quality paper tube boxes for essential oil bottles, perfume bottles custom creative cardboard paper tube packaging for bottle.Four-color printing can perfectly reflect the packaging design concept and attract more consumers' attention. creative biodegradable tube packaging boxes for bottle.High quality round cardboard boxes with lids wholesale creative paper tube boxes for bottle packaging.The bottom of the paper tube packaging hot stamping official sales website creative cardboard tube for bottle packaging.Logo and brand name using hot stamping printing



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