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Essential oils are usually packaged in dark brown or dark blue glass bottles to prevent the evaporation of essential oils due to light. Glass essential oil bottles are the best choice for putting essential oils. However, glass bottles are fragile and cannot be used directly for transportation and sales; printing directly in essential oil bottles is also very difficult. You can consider using outer packaging to protect essential oils and glass bottles, which is very necessary. We recommend that you use cardboard paper tube packaging as an essential oil boxes, which is very inexpensive to manufacture. Since you can print any pattern and information on paper, you can tell the consumer the type, specification, composition and brand information of the essential oil through cardboard tubes. This information is often used as a basis for consumers to purchase essential oils.

It is not wise to put essential oil directly inside the paper tube packaging. The fact that the essential oil is not fixed in the package or the deformed paper tube increases the probability of damage to the essential oil bottle. In the design of essential oil packaging, the EVA ring can be designed on the bottom layer of the essential oil package. The thickness of the ring is 1cm, which can fix the essential oil bottle while avoiding the direct contact of the essential oil with the inner wall of the package. Due to the characteristics of each essential oil brand and the target population are different, as well as the specifications of the essential oil bottles are different, we recommend that you use custom packaging. According to the characteristics of essential oils and brands, the style and size of the packaging are determined, which promotes the promotion of the brand. More types of cardboard paper tube packaging for essential oil boxes, you can contact us immediately, we will provide you with the best product packaging and services.

Creative cardboard paper tube packaging for 100 ml essential oil boxes

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