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Packaging keyword:Black cardboard paper tube food packaging with logo
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When customers purchase products, the first thing they touch is not the product, but the packaging.The information on the surface of the package determines whether the product is worth buying. Just like when we go to the store to shop, we will choose the brand products we approve through the brand information on the packaging surface. Or make our purchase decision through the content description of other packaging surfaces, product stories, product features, etc. We also prefer packaging that is simple in design and environmentally friendly. We can provide you with professional packaging design advice to help you better improve your packaging solutions.

Paper tube packaging reduces waste by means of degradable or reusable, recycling, etc., which is in line with the needs of packaging development. And black cardboard paper tube food packaging has become very popular, and many brands use this simple packaging method. The surface of the adhesive paper can be black kraft paper, single black paper, black imitation leather paper, black imitation cloth paper, or even more materials. Using different materials, the visual perception and the touch of the surface are completely different. The logo on the surface of the package is printed with bronzing printing. The contrast between gold and black forms a clear color contrast, which is more conducive to highlighting the brand. To judge the most important factor of paper tube food packaging, the coiled tube has no crimped creases, and the top cover and bottom are smooth and flat. High-quality product packaging can bring out the value of the brand. More types of food packaging, cardboard round tube packaging or rectangular packaging, we can provide you with free packaging design guidance.

Black cardboard paper tube food packaging with logo

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10 reviews for Black cardboard paper tube food packaging with logo

  1. BryanChita

    I have been looking for a large paper tube packaged food that is perfect. Simple packaging design will become a reference for my design packaging, thank you very much

  2. EduardoGoots

    I like this simple packaging design, LOGO uses hot stamping to clearly highlight the value of the brand.

  3. Miguelfum

    I customized a black food tube package on the website, the quality is very good, and this is the fastest proofing time I have ever encountered. From the confirmation of the document to the receipt of the sample, I just waited for 7 working days. . thank you very much

  4. Robertememn

    This is the best black large diameter cardboard tube package I have ever seen, and the curling of the package lid is smooth. Simple packaging design, hot stamping LOGO, I like it very much. Thank you for sharing, and I am willing to pay for this sample.

  5. MathewTisor

    The quality of paper tube packaging looks very good, and bronzing printing adds to the luxury of packaging. The only downside is that you can tell me more detailed information without specifying the specific size.

  6. Clintonorito

    Thank you very much, let me see a very good and very delicate food tube packaging. Hot stamping works well for black paper tubes and has implications for my design packaging.

  7. Aarondop

    The sample has been received, very fast, only takes 7 days. I am also very satisfied with the quality of the sample, I believe it will effectively promote the sale of my products.

  8. JordanMilia

    Simple packaging design for food packaging, I like this packaging design style

  9. Aarondop

    I like this way of packing for my red wine, but I don’t know the specific diameter and height of your paper tube. Can you tell me the specific package size? Thank you

  10. Dextergen

    I bought a sample of this large-diameter cardboard tube packaging, which is very satisfying and like. Hot stamping, which improves the visual and product value of the package

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