The earth is moving in an overloaded state, and more biological species are slowly disappear. The cause of everything is because our environment is suffering damage. research shows, causing damage to our living environment, is more from product packaging. We will find that our product packaging will be converted into household waste and appear in various places. We will see packaging waste in the depths of the ocean, the edge of the coast, the depths of the forest, and the streets of life. The packaging waste you see exists in various forms, which may be plastic bags, glass jars, cartons, wooden boxes, cloth bags, etc. When people use the product, most of the packaging will be discarded as waste.

We often buy a variety of food, daily necessities, etc. in the supermarket to improve family life, picnics, travel and more. But any product we buy is packaged. Products that do not have product packaging also need to be packed in a universal paper bag or plastic bag. After we use the product, the packaging will be discarded by us and rarely used twice. When disposing of garbage, although there are recycling classifications, we did not do well, and 90% of the population did not classify waste. We will mix food waste, domestic waste, and packaging waste and transport them to the garbage disposal station. There is also a large amount of rubbish in the ocean and forest. Most of the waste disposal is done underground or burned by landfill, and the pollution and damage caused by the land and the atmosphere are irreversible. Especially for non-degradable plastic waste, it will not decompose in the environment or underground for hundreds of years. Environmental pollution has become a concern of the world.

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But we can’t do without the production of products, we are carrying out the consumption of products at any time, and we are constantly carrying out the manufacture of packaging waste. We inevitably manufacture packaging, but people have been very resistant to overpackaging and environmentally damaging packaging. First and foremost, plastic packaging can cause very large environmental pollution, because it is a non-degradable substance, and incineration or landfill can cause great damage to the environment. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using plastic packaging and related products when planning your product packaging. For liquids such as beverages, we recommend using glass bottles. Although the glass bottle package is not degradable, it is easy to recycle and is reused many times.

We need more carton packs. Perhaps you will raise an objection that paper packaging is consuming more wood and will allow more people to deforest. But we can’t deny that discarded paper packaging can degrade quickly and will not pollute the land and the ocean. Secondly, we can recycle the carton and then carry out further processing and processing, so that it becomes the raw material of the paper or carton again and can be reused many times. For the recycling and utilization of paper packaging, it has been done better. The paper packaging that is neglected in the environment does not pollute the environment and can even degrade into fertilizer for other plants.

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When making a packaging plan, if we make our product packaging more environmentally friendly? Use less paper. In the past, in order to improve the grade of packaging and products, we often over-packaged. We will see that the volume of a package is ten times larger than the product, or even more. But that will cause more waste. We first establish the concept of simple packaging, as simple as possible in the packaging design style and volume. Secondly, when designing the product packaging, considering the practicality of the packaging, it is best to repeat the use multiple times. Finally, it is recyclable, and the recycled packaging is reused to avoid environmental pollution.

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