custom small rose essential oil paper tube packaging boxes with bronzing logo

Our common essential oils are available in 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and other styles, and are often used in e-cigarette packaging or in pure plant essential oils packaging. Although the essential oil package has a variety of forms of square copper carton, square carton, wooden box, etc., still 80% of the essential oil packaging is in the form of paper tube packaging. Why is paper tube packaging widely used in essential oil boxes? The main reasons are as follows:

Essential oil bottles are available in plastic, metal and glass bottles, all of which are cylindrical. Then, using paper tube packaging, it will be the same or similar to the shape of the essential oil bottle, which has a good improvement for the packaging experience. Secondly, whether it is a large essential oil bottle or a small essential oil bottle, 80% will use glass bottles. Glass bottles are highly resistant to corrosion and have good sealing properties,but they are very fragile. Due to its unique circular structure, paper tube packaging is the most Protective effects for essential oil in many packagings.

Custom small essential oil tube boxes packaging wholesale

The price of essential oil paper tube packaging is cheap, and the display form is also diversified. The wooden box essential oil packaging is classic and high grade, but its production process is very troublesome, and it is very heavy, it is not convenient to carry, the display method is single, and the price is ten times that of the paper tube packaging. In contrast, paper tube packaging, compared to wooden boxes, can be use printed paper as Adhesive paper, a variety of packaging designs can reflect, and the use of stylish printing processes, increasing the visual aesthetics of the package. Square card carton packaging is used as essential oil packaging, most of which will be over-packaged, with EVA inside the large area, and the production cost is 2-3 times that of paper tube packaging.

high-end essential oil boxes packaging wholesale

The display of the essential oil paper tube packaging box is very good and has many ways of expression. Common 3D printed wood-like essential oil packaging; use special gold card paper as raw material to increase the luxury of packaging; use famous brand packaging imitation method, and use 3D printing to enhance the visual experience; printing process can use bronzing, hot silver And embossing printing process. The visual packaging design with special visual effects and the special printing process play a very good role in promoting the promotion of products and brands.

6 styles creative essential oil paper tube packaging boxes,Creative product packaging will help brand promotion and reduce promotion costs


After completing the selection of essential oil packaging styles and having done the design of paper tube packaging, the most important thing is that the choice of packaging manufacturers is very important. The edges of the paper tube are not wrinkled, and the printed paper links do not show traces, which is the perfect cylinder package. In, a variety of essential oil packaging can be used as a reference for packaging design, and to ensure that each essential oil paper tube packaging is perfect, please feel free to ask for details.

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