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Cardboard tube packaging is one of the most common packaging methods and is chosen by more brands and manufacturers for its superior performance. Roll the paper into the thickness of the paper tube, so you can choose the thickness of the paper tube according to the actual needs of the product to protect the product. The tube reel can roll the paper tube to any height and diameter, and there is absolutely no need to worry about the packaging being unsuitable for the product. The top cover and the edge of the top cover are crimped and the top cover and the bottom cover are crimped smoothly. Since the surface of the tube package is in the form of a sticker, it is possible to shape any style. You can attach four-color printed copper paper, imitation wood grain paper, imitation leather paper, etc. to the surface of the paper tube to increase the attractiveness of the packaging.

What products can cardboard tube packaging be applied to? The round boxes are used in a wide range of applications, and any product can be used in cylinder packaging. Common tube food packaging, cosmetic tube packaging, T-shirt tube packaging, and gift boxes. You can shape it into any desired packaging style. Since we are a tube packaging manufacturer from China, we can arrange the packaging and mailing to you within three working days after receiving your confirmation document, and confirm that the packaging has no problems, you can arrange the packaging production at the specified time. Deliver custom packaging to you within the stipulated time.

Large cardboard tube packaging boxes with paper lids

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