Creative paper tube design for audio packaging

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Traditional audio packaging uses corrugated packaging or hard cardboard gift boxes, and most of the structure is rectangular packaging. The cuboid packaging form has existed as audio packaging for a long time, and cannot give customers a new visual sense. If your product is a miniaturized Bluetooth speaker, why not use paper tube packaging? This is a bold attempt, and we have already had customers turn this creative audio tube packaging into reality, gaining more advantages in the fierce competition.

This is a simple cardboard packaging tube, using 350gsm cardboard as the main raw material, rolled into a tube cylindrical packaging by a specific machine, and the thickness of the paper tube can be customized. The paper tube consists of only two parts, the inner tube and the long lid. Both the inner tube and the outside of the cover are with CMYK  printing, which enriches the content and product description of Bluetooth packaging. The creative design gives the whole package a 3D visual sense, can reflect the uniqueness and novelty of the audio, and is one of the most cost-effective publicity methods. Other printed content, such as brand names, logos, etc., are important factors in brand building. For more customization options, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the best customized paper tube packaging.

creative paper tube design for audio packaging. The novel audio is embodied on the paper tube packaging with creative patterns, which fully reflects the uniqueness of the product and attracts customers to buy the product. creative paper tube design for audio packaging boxes. The lower part of the creative paper tube visually has wavy corrugated paper, but it is not formed by corrugated paper, but creative design and printing form a 3D corrugated paper form. custom paper tube packaging with printing. The Bluetooth audio packaging adopts the form of paper tube, which can improve the uniqueness of the packaging and the publicity effect. custom paper tube design for audio packaging. Detailed product information and content can be printed on the inner tube without affecting the simplicity and main pattern of the paper tube shape creative paper tube packaging design. The diameter and height of the customized paper tube packaging are customized according to the needs of Bluetooth speakers, so as to fully adapt to product requirements. creative paper tube packaging boxes. The customized cardboard tube packaging can completely achieve different content printing, turning round packaging into an important carrier for brand promotion.


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