What are the functions of custom packaging?

Every product needs to be packaged for decoration or protection. Products may be placed in cartons, glass bottles, plastic boxes, plastic bags, or one product packaged in both glass and cartons. But do you correctly recognize the role of product packaging? Only to protect the product from damage during transportation and sales? This is an 18th century packaging cognition. Nowadays, the products and brands are very numerous, and the homogenization of the products is also very serious. If your product packaging does not recognize the features Of the product and brand, and is not attractive, it will lose its competitiveness and will soon be eliminated by the market. This is not a threat theory. More brands and manufacturers use custom packaging as part of their product plan, and combine packaging content With advertising to achieve great success.

Custom packaging must have the following effects:

1 As a brand label, it must have the function of promoting the brand; for the logo and brand name, hot stamping will achieve better results.

2 has a unique product description feature. The use of four-color printing to print product images and specifications on the surface of the package is an intuitive illustration of the product.

3 has the function of protecting the product. Hard cardboard boxes or paper tube packaging, to play the best product protection function; or use EVA, sponge, blister packaging, etc., also play an excellent product protection function.

Custom packaging is streamlined and requires plenty of time to plan for the product packaging

We usually spend a lot of time designing products, increasing the functionality of our products and improving the product experience; we also spend a lot of time and effort on product marketing, including product promotion and listing plans. But we tend to ignore custom product packaging. Many product vendors will think about custom packaging in 1-2 weeks before the product goes on the market. But this time is not enough. Choosing a packaging manufacturer, contacting and screening packaging wholesalers usually takes 3 business days. It takes 2 working days to discuss product packaging details and confirm packaging requirements; it takes 2-4 business days for shipping samples to be sent and confirmed. After confirming the packaging order, it takes 1 working day to prepare the corresponding packaging materials, 1 working day for printing, and 1 working day for final production and assembly. It takes at least 10 working days, 2 weeks from finding a packaging manufacturer to completing the packaging of the product. But custom packaging requires transportation and scheduling of packaging products, it takes more time. In the product planning, you need to plan the custom packaging in order to ensure the normal sales of the product.

Customized packaging cost accounting

More than 90% of the product manufacturers are very sensitive to the cost of custom packaging, and the cost of product packaging affects the cost of the product and the selling price. We know that different quantities of custom packaging prices are different. How to divide them? When we order less than 1000 custom packaging, especially 100-500 custom packaging, the price of a single package can be very expensive. The price of the product package consists of three parts: one part is the mold opening fee (printing start-up fee), part is the material cost, and part is the labor cost. For example, the mold opening fee (Mold cost) for custom cosmetics is 300 US dollars, and 100 cosmetic boxes are customized. The Mold cost of each cosmetic box is 3 US dollars; if you customize 1000 or 10,000 cosmetics Packing, the Mold cost of each cosmetic packaging is 0.3 US dollars or 0.03 US dollars. For custom small batch packaging, the Mold cost of custom packaging will be much higher than the cost of materials.

Different costs are added for different printing processes. Every packaging printing process needs to be processed, there will be circulation in the middle, and each additional printing process will increase the cost of custom packaging. But the added cost is small. The added cost is much lower than the economic benefits obtained.

Custom packaging inventory problem

No one can guarantee that everything will go wrong, and we are no exception. For the number of products, we need to order 10% more custom packaging than the product. Custom packaging may cause damage during transportation, product packaging, etc. If we do not have excess stock packaging as a backup, it is highly likely that a small number of products will not be sold because they are not packaged. Adding 10% of the inventory will be very useful.

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