80% of people will choose to discard after using the cardboard tube, which will undoubtedly cause huge waste. Why don’t we reuse the waste and let the paper tube play more value? There are many ways we can make discarded packaging more interesting and useful, just open your brain. Yes, for large diameter paper tubes, we can turn them into a flower pot and put the soil mixed with nutrient solution into the paper tube for growing flowers and plants. Maybe you will feel that the wet soil is in contact with the paper tube for a long time, which will make the paper tube wet, soft and damaged, and reduce the service life of the paper tube. Don’t worry, we can attach a plastic film to the inner wall of the paper tube to prevent the inner wall of the paper tube from getting wet. However, we need to note that the plastic film at the bottom of the cardboard tubes must have an opening to Let the water penetrate. A perfect flower pot is only done, the cost is low, and there is no waste of resources.


The use of paper tube packaging is very much, such as community toys. Mailing is the best way to mail documents, and the amount used in life is huge. We can set up a paper tube recycling office in the community to collect a large number of paper tubes. You don’t need to worry that they will be useless. Hundreds or even thousands of paper tubes can be stacked together to make an elephant. If you feel that the color is monotonous, you can apply a variety of colors to the position of the cap, which is more attractive to children. Make the most of your imagination and shape a large number of discarded paper tubes into houses, trees, and more.

 Large cardboard tubes can be piled up into large toys,Creativity can make waste packaging more valuable

Perhaps you will feel that there are many restrictions on the use of paper tubes mentioned above. The use of small paper tubes is actually more extensive and requires only more imagination. Can discarded paper tubes be used for holiday gift boxes? Of course, for example, Halloween gift wrapping. Apply a variety of funny patterns on the paper tube, as long as you like. You will find this will be very interesting.

Creative paper tube for Halloween gifts,It’s very interesting to draw the desired pattern on the surface.

You need to break through the concept that paper planes belong to large paper planes. You can make a small paper tube airplane with your child. As shown in the example below, you will find the discarded small paper tubes very interesting.

 Custom Paper tube can be used as a paper airplane toy,Creative corrugated paper packaging

Or you can make a special gift for your beautiful little girl, without too much cost, but very attractive. It is creative and very cute to apply pink or blue to the paper tube and paste different shapes of leaves on the back of the paper tube.

Cardboard tube packaging can be used as a girl's toy packaging,Low cost, but very attractive

Most of the product packaging should not be treated as waste, we can reuse it through our imagination to avoid waste of resources. Not only can discarded paper tube packaging be used creatively, but other product packaging can be reused.

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